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Under Lock and Key 1.3

A free program designed to store and manage all sorts of private data
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Under Lock and Key is a program designed to store and manage all sorts of private and personal data, be it logins and passwords, credit card numbers, bank account info, etc. The application works with ‘accounts’, which are essentially encrypted files in ULK format, that act as containers for the data. The information itself is stored in ‘keys’, and within every account we can add as many keys as needed. For example, you may want to store the logins and passwords for your different email addresses under one single account. So, you create a new account, specify a name and a password for it, and add as many keys as you want for your different email services. Apart from IDs and passwords, keys can store extra information: we can specify the type of data or ‘key type’, and even insert a URL that can be opened from the main window of the program. Of course, the same procedure applies to other ‘key types’.

The program makes the information accessible through a window divided into sections. Also, the Accounts and Keys that you use the most can be added as ‘favorites’ for easy access. Although the program does not integrate with web browsers, it copies IDs, passwords, and URLs to the clipboard, which is an efficient method as well. There is a search box working with filters, which comes in handy for large databases. It is also possible to export each account into XML and CSV formats. As a plus, the installation package comes with an extra tool called ULKReader, which can be used to view ULK files without using the program.

To sum up, the application works efficiently, organizes information in a very convenient way, and, best of all, can be downloaded for free.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Offers a convenient way to store private data
  • Free


  • Does not integrate with web browsers
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